MacIver News Minute: “Political Neutrality”

Feb. 6, 2024

In Wisconsin, Democrats might have more voters, but Republicans have more people, and lawmakers represent all people not just people who vote.

This is why Democrats are so successful at statewide races, and why Republicans are so successful in legislative races. Of course, that’s completely unacceptable to the left.

The liberal controlled state supreme court is trying to figure out a way around the Republicans’ natural advantage. That means they need to find new maps that will allow lawmakers to only represent people who vote, rather than all the people. And so, they created a new redistricting requirement called “political neutrality,” that is Democrat candidates must have a fighting chance even in parts of the state that reject everything they stand for.

The trick will be drawing new maps that accomplish this without violating actual constitutional requirements. So far, liberals are having a hard time finding that sweet spot. But with the left firmly in control of the branch of government that gets to decide what is and is not constitutional, they know they really have nothing to worry about.