MacIver News Minute: New District Maps Could Change How Lawmakers Represent Wisconsin Residents

Jan. 16, 2024

The Wisconsin constitution specifically gives the legislature the authority to draw voting district maps.

Last month, the state supreme court said the current maps are unconstitutional and told the legislature to redraw them.

On Friday, the supreme court received 7 proposed maps – most of them not from the legislature.

Gov. Evers submitted maps that could potentially give democrats the majority in both the senate and the assembly.

Now, the governor does not have the constitutional authority to draw the maps, and yet he’s always accusing the legislature of violating the constitution.

Another problem.

Evers and other liberals don’t like our current representative democracy in which lawmakers represent residents from specific parts of the state.

That’s led to strong republican majorities for far too long.

They want more of a parliamentary system, where the number of democrats in the legislature reflects the total number of democrat voters statewide.

This is a pivotal moment in our history – and we’re about to see how seriously Wisconsin’s government and voters takes our constitution.