Evers’ Promise Kept: Murderers Set Free
No one should be surprised that Gov. Evers' is letting dangerous criminals free. He made a campaign promise to do just that...  Read More Evers’ Promise Kept: Murderers Set Free
Governor Evers’ “Don’t Say Mom” Policy
This year, again, there is no gubernatorial Mother’s Day proclamation in Wisconsin. Unsurprising as Evers has restricted of the use of gendered words like mom across state government. Here at MacIver last weekend, we missed celebrating the Governor’s proclaimed National Window Film Day, which reminded us that window film is a frontline weapon in the …
Top 10 Unhinged Things the Left Said This Week
Whether elected officials, journalists, entertainers, activists or hookup afficionados, this week has seen some crazy, outrageous and sad reactions to the prospect of Roe v Wade being overturned.   #10:  Joe Biden acknowledges abortion kills children but says nobody can make a judgement about killing a child. Joe Biden, 2022 “The idea that we’re going …
Let Them Eat Cake
Trevor Noah joked "Ever since you've come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up. Everything." Joe Biden thought it was hilarious.  Read More Let Them Eat Cake
How Academia Hijacked Redistricting for Democrats and the Media Helped Them Do It
Unelected, unaccountable, partisan academics funded by deep-pocket Democrats faked data to manipulate redistricting processes to produce Democrat gerrymanders by posing as unbiased data scientists. And they got journalists in on the game.   News broke this week about how Sam Wang of the purportedly unbiased, nonpartisan Princeton Gerrymandering Project (PGP) is being investigated for data …
March 2022 Tax Collections Up 6.6% Over 2021
The latest data on tax collections for the state of Wisconsin  Read More March 2022 Tax Collections Up 6.6% Over 2021
Tax Day 2022
$22 Billion in Tax Savings   As thoughts turn to how much of our earnings we hand over to the government on this tax day, it’s worth taking note of a memo recently released by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau outlining savings to Wisconsin taxpayers attributable to tax law changes between 2011 and 2021.  Their …
MacIver News Minute: Biden’s Inflation
LISTEN - Don’t be fooled by the spin, Biden is to blame for inflation, plain and simple.  Read More MacIver News Minute: Biden’s Inflation