Why Public Education is so Controversial

Apr. 23, 2024

The MacIver Institute’s Bill Osmulski appeared on VCY America (Channel 30 in Milwaukee) on Monday, April 22 to unpack why public education is so controversial.

He started by going through four of just the most recent controversies plaguing the public school system. This included Gov. Evers’ unconstitutional use of the line-item veto to divert funds from the state’s literacy program and to increase school property taxes annually for the next 400 years. There’s also the increasing reliance on referendums to increase spending without improving results. And then there’s the US Department of Education’s decision to add transgender individuals to Title IX protections, literally opening girls’ sports teams and locker rooms to biological males.

Osmulski goes through the numbers. Statewide, public schools get $14 billion total revenue per year, $16,880 per student, which results in 38.5% math proficiency and 40.4% English proficiency.

After establishing the fact that public schools are failing at their mission to enable individuals to lead productive lives and become informed members of a democratic society, Osmulski goes through what they are exposing their students to. Sexual grooming, critical race theory, liberal activism, LGBTQ lifestyles, boys in girls’ sports and bathrooms, brutal fights and unrelenting bullying. MacIver has been uncovering these incidents for years, but they’re still shocking, especially when you see them all together.