Lactating Chestfeeders, Violence Begets Violence Reduction Cash, Healthier Ways to Abuse Illegal Drugs, and Low Lighting: Root Cause of Rape

Madison Public Health Demonstrates Why Folks Find it Hard to Trust Public Health Officials

In just the last month Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) has done 4 things to prove former Governor Lee Dreyfus’ decades-old dig that Madison is 30 square miles surrounded by reality.

Celebrating Lactators

August is Breastfeeding Month.

But in Madison, that is not an acceptably inclusive way to describe the production of milk by lactating-able people and consumed by an infant. So PHMDC ‘centered’ anatomical impossibilities and canceled women by promoting “bodyfeeding” by “lactating parents.”

Their tweet is illustrated by an image that includes a chestfeeding lactator with a heavy beard. But don’t call that lactating-organ-having body a woman, or worse, a mother.  That’s bodyfeeding lactating parent to you, buddy.

Bodyfeeding and chestfeeding, for all you impossibly ignorant, intolerant and hateful people, is the process whereby “lactating bodies” that do not “identify” their organ that is producing milk with the term “breast” feed a child from said organ.

It’s science, duh.

Giving Violence Reduction Grants to Violent Racist Group

We covered the PHMDC announcement of “violence reduction” grant funding to Urban Triage, a racist group that:

  • Demands defunding of police
  • Encourages arson and vandalism
  • Employs a litmus test for white people to prove they are not racist by using their bodies to protect black lawbreakers from arrest
  • Labeling those who do not accept their beliefs and tactics white supremacists, and warning such people “can no longer hide” from them
  • Is hosting a Rage Clinic next weekend


Promoting Self-Harm, Poor Health Behaviors, and Crime

PHMDC congratulated themselves on their efforts to help people continue to choose the criminal and health-destroying behavior of drug abuse by providing:

  • Free needles and syringes
  • Free Narcan (generic retails for around $30 per dose) in case of an overdose on illegal drugs
  • Free supplies so drug users can test their illegal narcotics for fentanyl, and thereby more “safely” criminally abuse illegal drugs while destroying their own health

They don’t mention anywhere whether they are providing similar items, like, say, bulletproof vests, to make it safer for folks who might choose flee police in the commission of a crime and risk being shot but there is certain to be something like it in the works for more “harm reduction.”

It’s all in the name of public health.

Are You Flirting? Is He Drinking? Is it Dark?

Madison Safety Initiative May Help Potential Victims Understand Rape Triggers 

PHMDC announced a project to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to focus on the root causes of sexual violence and gun crimes in downtown Madison which include: victim ignorance, poor lighting and lack of “safety resources.”

So they’re deploying people they call “safety ambassadors” to hang out at night around State Street to intervene if they suspect violence is about to erupt.

And asking police to volunteer in their free time, but they’ll be paying the “safety ambassadors.”

Violent crime has been rising downtown – up 30% in the past few years.  Obviously, this should not be laid at the door of the criminals committing crimes.  They are forced to commit violence by things like lighting conditions, drinking culture, and being bumped – it’s entirely beyond their control.

Madison alders who advanced the program lament that when people drink and a light bulb burns out, rapes are – unfortunately – going to happen.  They see a need to make sure people know the dangers of flirtation in a crowd setting and dimly lit areas and don’t ask to become victims.

You know how it is, drunk boys will be drunk boys.  Especially if there’s flirting. Or bumping. Or crowds. Or poor light. Or drinking.