‘Pink Dress Guy,” Infamous Beer Thrower, Now Targeting Gov. Walker’s Children in Online Taunt

MacIver News Service | December 1, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] Miles Kristan, the infamous ‘Pink Dress Guy’ who has harassed media and threw a beer at a Wisconsin lawmaker at the height of pro-union protests earlier this year, is engaging in an online effort to draw attention to Governor Scott Walker’s two teenage sons.

On his Facebook page this Sunday, Kristan posted links to the personal pages of Alex and Matt Walker.

[W]hats [sic] it like having the most hated dad in all of Wisconsin ??? this kid knows,” Kristan wrote as  his status message late Sunday night. Kristan included a link to Matthew Walker’s Facebook page in his status message.

He then immediately followed by posting a status stating, “and this kid knows as well,” to which he linked Alex Walker’s Facebook page.

Matthew and Alex Walker are teenagers who both attend public high school in Wauwatosa.

Kristan’s antics brought immediate, and varied, responses from his online friends.

“Too far Miles,” one wrote. “Leave the kid alone.”

However another replied, “Not too far in my opinion…Matthew has pro-daddy stuff all over his wall…”

One state lawmaker, who represents’ the Walker’s hometown in the State Senate, denounced the Facebook postings.

“While this particular stunt may not be illegal, it certainly crosses the line, or what used to be the line,” said State Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa). “But these pro-union agitators have no shame whatsoever; the forces behind the recall believe in taking back power by any means necessary and if kids are caught in the political crossfire, they don’t care.”

Typically children of political figures, like President Obama’s daughters, are generally protected from scrutiny by the media and traditional political activists.

But 2011 has been anything but a typical and traditional political year in Wisconsin, and Kristan has played a key role in fueling the heated atmosphere.

Miles Kristan has made a name for himself as a pro-union protester this past year. He’s helped organize massive disruptions at the Capitol, he’s participated in Occupy Madison, sought to harass and intimidate political opponents, and even assaulted Rep. Robin Vos by throwing a beer on him.

Kristan is not alone in turning to Facebook to continue his political agitation.

Since its beginning the social network site, Facebook, has been subject to countless debates and controversies surrounding privacy rights on the internet. With sites like Facebook, a casual comment or inappropriate picture can potentially be viewed by millions of people.

As the popular saying goes, “The internet is forever.”

The MacIver News Service has previously reported instances of people making threatening comments on the site. Most recently, a woman posted a comment suggesting assassinating Governor Walker.

Kristan and his friends are no strangers to the Dane County legal system, although many conservatives have complained that police and the Dane County district attorney  have not taken their lawbreaking seriously.

Last month the Madison-based, Youth Revolutionary Council announced: Activists Miles Kristan and the other “usual suspects” are leaving Madison on a speaking tour across Wisconsin to bring attention to the recall effort of Gov. Scott Walker, beginning this month.  “These activists have made their presence known to our state legislators but now they are traveling to every county in Wisconsin because they want to talk directly to you.,” according to the online announcement.

It remains unknown if Kristan and company will talk about the Walker children during their upcoming statewide tour.