Liberal Protester Accosts Republican Lawmaker

Did Infamous ‘Pink Dress Guy’ Attack Robin Vos, two other Legislators?

MacIver News Service | September 15, 2011 UPDATED 11:45am

[Madison, Wisconsin] The incidents of verbal harassment against Republican lawmakers in and around the State Capitol escalated on Wednesday when a well-known protester confronted three GOP representatives and drenched them with beer.

Madison Police responded to a disturbance at the Inn on the Park, 22 S. Carroll St., Wednesday night after a man dumped a beer over the head of a state lawmaker. According to the police report, “the bartender said the man yelled out something like, “Money” and “Damn Republicans.”

According to an incident report filed by the Madison Police Department:

“The beer was poured atop a 43-year old Burlington, WI man. It also splashed onto two other state lawmakers. All indicated the suspect swore at them, and called them criminals. He was accompanied by a man with a video camera. The bartender asked the videographer to turn it off. She says following the request, the suspect then took the glass of beer and emptied it onto the lawmaker’s head. The suspect then fled. The lawmaker, who took the direct hit, indicated the suspect has been harassing him since February, but up until this point, it had only been verbal. He did not know the suspect’s name, but a female State Capitol employee, who was with the group, was able to provide police with a name, and said Capitol Police would have his contact information. The MPD called Capitol Police and obtained a couple of possible addresses for the suspect, as well as a couple of possible phone numbers. Officers attempted to find the suspect, but could not locate him. He will likely face a tentative charge of disorderly conduct.”

The police report identifies the lawmakers by their hometowns. MacIver News Service has learned that the lawmakers who had beer dumped on them include Republican State Representative Robin Vos (R-Burlington), the chairman of the Joint Finance Committee who helped usher through Governor Scott Walker’s labor reforms earlier this year, as well as State Representatives John Nygren (R-Marinette) and Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford).

A source present at the incident and who wished to remain anonymous has identified the perpetrator as Miles Kristan, a well-known fixture of the recent protests in Madison and elsewhere in Wisconsin. Kristan is also well known to the MacIver News Service. He has harassed our interns and our investigative reporter in attempts to prevent us from providing coverage of events in Madison and Janesville.

UPDATE – The MacIver News Service have discovered a video, posted online, of Kristan and another protester harassing Representatives Vos and Suder just last week. In the video, which is apparently shot by Kristan and can be seen here, the representatives leave the Capitol and head over to check into the Inn on the Park. This video corroborates allegations that these two individuals have repeatedly harassed Vos, Suder and others.

“I am somebody and you will listen to me,” the agitator screams at one point in the six-and-a-half-minute video. Earlier, he warns that he was giving Vos “five business days to respond.”

The video was posted on September 9, five days before last night’s incident.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

  • I would advise anyone accosted by this jacka– to file for a restraining order or harrassment injunction.

  • Steve

    I\’m positive that if this was done to Erpanbach…or Taylor, the Madison Police would already have apprehended the suspect. It\’s time to start holding MPD accountable for their actions.

    Roland M. is right! Time to get serious with these idiots!!

  • wayne

    Hah, the odds of Das Kapital police of actually making an effort to arrest this guy are about the same as my odds of winning the lottery – and I don\’t play.

    I\’ll bet they gave him a ride home after the incident.

  • hihoze

    The brown shirts of the Democratic National Socialist Workers Party of America are like European cousins. The Democrats love Marx and hate Madison. Vote out every Democrat everywhere until they reform their Marxist party and get rid of the Neo-Coms who have taken it over.

  • Alicia

    Not much in Madison shocks me anymore.
    Can we say \”restraining order\”?

  • JoeS

    The saddest state of affairs is when people we want to respect, the Police, are also members of a thug union that condones this behavior. The people of Wisconsin are going to have to resolve themselves to remaking their government.

  • Anon

    Those same \”union thug\” police are also the same ones who have been violating the constitutional rights of assembly observers and doing the bidding of Walker and The Fitzgerald Bros. The real shame lies in gullibility of people like you who actually believe in this new Republican doctrine that is really destroying this beautiful state.

  • J

    Parroted like a clueless teenage activist.

    What Constitutional rights were violated exactly?

  • J

    More information on Miles Kristan via CCAP

    2003 Door County, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

    2011 Racine County, Disorderly Conduct

    2011 Dane County, Other Conduct Prohibited

    Users of mind altering drugs typically subscribe to socialist and communist utopian fantasies, so this is no surprise.

  • weezie1954

    It\’s time to group up youngsters – go out and get a real job instead of hanging around the Square and causing trouble. Shame on Madison, the police and mayor for allowing all of this to happen – you lost an election. I lost twice when Doyle got in but I didn\’t go to the Capitol and demostrate for months.
    I travel to northern Wisconsin/Michigan once a month – we\’re the laughing stock of Wisconsin! Liberals, your action is causing you to lose the fight!
    May I add – why is Justice Bradley not being recalled for lying about a co-worker and attempting to destroy him?

  • weezie1954

    Can Voss do a civil action against this creep….. Sue him for whatever, must be a few charges Voss can use. I want to see Miles in court with his pink dress on so the press let\’s all of Wisconsin know what/who these people are.

  • Now, it\’s safe to say I\’m a liberal. But Roland M is quite right. And I\’m guessing all but a handful of liberal pinko commy marxist neo-com government and union loving progressives who attended the protests last spring would agree – this guy is off the charts and probably dangerous. Politics is one thing, but lack of respect and assault on some dudes just havin\’ a beer is quite another. I have a number of Republican friends, believe it or not, with whom having a beer, not pouring it on them, seems more enjoyable!

    Maybe we have differences, but we are neighbors after all.

    Best regards,

    Patrick Williams,

  • fred herman

    This loser pothead thinks the protests are still ongoing. The protesting in March gave this loser purpose for the first time in his pathetic life so he\’s having a rough time letting go.

  • Me

    He is a big anti-war guy a well. But of course, all anti-war activities have been pretty much suspended for the past few years. I imagine the next HUGE protests are all ready in the planning stage and scheduled to be held …….. oh, about 1 minute after the Republican POTUS is sworn in March, 2013. I hope that this clown gets the book thrown at him for this assault.

  • Kristopher

    He\’s already proven violent. Just pepper spray him if he approaches.


    I love how the little turd fled like a chickenshit. The next person he tries to assault needs to kick his ass. A few days in the hospital would do him some good. He’d probably use it for a propaganda video, but it would be fun seeing him on film with a face that could pass for hamburger meat.

    Since B. Hussein Obama got in office, the Left has constantly upped the ante with inflammatory threats, hatespeech, violence and more violence, animosity toward the military, and intimidation, with Obama’s and the media’s blessing.
    They’ve accumulated quite a history of vitriol towards black republicans and other conservatives, and patriotic Americans who oppose Obama’s socialist trainwreck.

    It’s time we fought back; not just with words, but blow for blow when they cross the line from rhetoric to violence. I guarantee you the first time that happens, the fucking media will have seizures. Too bad they’re not already concerned about the level of violence that could inevitably lead to retaliation.

  • anon

    repubicans have state troopers physically remove and arrest people almost every day for exercising their legal right to silently film the legislature in action from the capitol gallery and they are the ones crying over spilled milk…er i mean beer . the real story here is a criminal legislature that can now completely disregard our proud tradition of transparent government and laws in Wisconsin .

  • anon

    Lying ? prosser admitted to putting his hands on her and as for the spilled beer fiasco see my post at the top . sure maybe a few guys laugh at you in your favorite watering hole up north but that\’s hardly a public opinion poll and i\’m sure as hard as they are laughing at you i am sure the Koch brothers and other born rich corporate elite are laughing at how easy it has been to get you to sell out your own future (not to mention that of your children and that of the spirit of true competitive capitalism )just so that they can continue to easily run big polluting businesses with as little as possible contributions to the society whose commons they are destroying

  • anon

    “Wisconsin has a LAW ss 19.90 which states “Whenever a governmental body holds a meeting in open session, the body shall make a reasonable effort to accommodate any person desiring to record, film or photograph the meeting.”

    Seems pretty straightforward, but the Assembly has a “rule” which bans any and all cameras from the gallery. so do there little rules that they make up for themselves trump state law ?

    There was a recent US circuit court case about filming police where they ruled that citizens have the right to film public officials while in a public space, while they are serving in their public capacity and also included:

    “Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest,”

  • anon

    can\’t believe the wsj today cites this site and assembly rules while ignoring the laws of our state for it\’s front page story today (liberal media bias my ass;) ) that\’s gutter yellow journalism in my opinion . the legislature is not above the law and they are elected PUBLIC officials . if they want out of the public eye they are free to resign and return to the private sector at any time . until then they are in the public\’s eye and they are not above the law (no one is ,elected official or otherwise ) and until the wsj picks up on the fact that the legislature continues to break the law on an almost daily basis while with the same action denying the legal rights of their own constituents, we know who they work for .