MacIver News Minute: A Dark Day for Wisconsin’s Constitution

Feb. 22, 2024

It’s a dark day for constitutional government in Wisconsin.

The constitution puts the legislature squarely in charge of drawing district maps. The left pulled no stops to make sure that didn’t happen this time around.

A liberal-controlled supreme court threw the old maps out and created a new requirement out of thin air that’s not in the constitution for them to be “politically neutral.” Next, Governor Evers drew his own maps that gerrymandered many republican lawmakers out of their own districts.

In the face of this outright assault on constitutional government, with the other two branches ganging up on them in a brazen power grab, did the legislature earn themselves an heroic place in the annals of democracy? Did they earn their profile in courage?

Absolutely not.

They sheepishly voted for Evers maps claiming it was the best they could do, and Evers really rubbed their faces in it in when he signed those maps into law on Monday, twice referring the maps as “my maps.”

Seeing how the legislature stands up for its own constitutional rights – should give every Wisconsinite pause for what that means the next time their constitutional rights come under attack.