Tucker Carlson in Wisconsin (Full Presentation)

The MacIver Institute hosted Tucker Carlson in Brookfield Wisconsin on Nov. 8, 2023. The event lasted for over an hour-and-a-half, featuring both a speech and a Q&A session. Tucker spoke at length about the state of our culture and the role conservatives have to play.

00:00 Introduction

05:17 We’re in a moment of volatility

06:42 Ohio’s abortion vote

08:00 It’s normal people versus everybody else

14:52 Minority views wield the most power in modern America

20:55 How Tucker’s brother confronted the left 30 years ago

27:21 People who think they’re God have the least moral authority

28:28 A parent’s most basic job

30:02 Thoughts on presidential election polling

36:53 The abortion issue is working for the Democrats

44:35 Will Biden be the Democrat nominee?

49:00 Vice President Tucker Carlson?

52:30 Kamala Harris is a fraud

56:55 Gavin Newsome as the potential nominee

1:05:15 My friend, Mike Tyson

1:06:30 A wild story about Congressman Jim Traficant

1:09:40 What’s next for Tucker Carlson

1:11:00 How OJ Simpson launched Tucker’s TV career