MacIver News Minute: Gov. Evers’ Constitutional Problems

Nov. 7, 2023

Governor Evers has a big problem with the Wisconsin Constitution.

It goes back to 2020 when he shut down churches, tried to extend the term lengths for local elected officials, and continually invented new ways to declare public emergencies.

This past summer, he used the Frankenstein veto to expand school funding increases for the next 400 years – even that’s been unconstitutional since 2008.

Evers is constantly challenging the legislature over its clearly defined constitutional responsibilities. He’s still trying to wrestle away its constitutional authority to draw district voting maps.

Now he’s upset over checks and balances. The legislature has refused to confirm several appointees, and it won’t approve pay raises for the university. Evers claims the legislature is violating the state constitution, and he’s actually suing over it.

Just looking at record, the biggest threat to the state constitution these days is actually Gov. Evers.