MacIver News Minute: Left Supports Illegal Aliens Voting in Wisconsin Elections

Oct. 31, 2023

A proposed amendment to the Wisconsin constitution would clarify that only US citizens can vote in our elections.

I know what you’re thinking.

Is there really anyone out there saying that non-US citizens should be voting in Wisconsin elections?

You better believe it.

There are people out there who think illegal aliens should even have that right.

Just ask Wisconsin voices policy director Jamie Lynn Crofts – who testified at the state capitol last week.

At that same hearing, Democrat Representative Clint Anderson from Beloit added that we shouldn’t be doing anything to prevent illegal aliens from casting fraudulent votes, because they often get caught afterwards. Never mind that those votes still get counted.

It’s hard to believe we can’t even agree on something as basic as not wanting illegal aliens to vote in our elections, but here we are.