MacIver News Minute: Evers’ Vetoes Out the Middle Class Tax Cut


July 6, 2023


Gov. Evers promised a 10% middle-class tax cut.

No seriously, we have him on tape saying it in his budget address just five months ago.

“Under my plan, if you’re a single filer making less than $100,000 or a married joint filer making less than $150,000, the cornerstone of my tax plan will cut your taxes by 10 percent.”

He continued to push for that 10 percent tax cut as recently as May.


Republicans tried to do him one better and cut everybody’s income taxes and by more. Under their plan, those filers Evers mentioned would have gotten a 14% income tax cut that would have put hundreds of dollars back in their pockets. In total, it was a $3.5 billion tax cut.

Unfortunately, Evers had a major change of heart this week and vetoed those tax cuts down to practically nothing.

The $3.5 billion tax cut turned into $175 million. Most Wisconsin taxpayers, including those middle-class filers Evers mentioned in his speech, are now looking at a 1 percent income tax cut. $37 bucks for single filers, and $49.35 for married filers. That’s hundreds of dollars less than Evers himself promised just five months ago.