MacIver News Minute: Tax Dollars Gifted to Private Companies and Sports Teams

Mar. 9, 2023

Deep within the morass of Governor Evers’ Budget lies his plan to give your hard-earned tax dollars to sports teams and other private businesses.

Everyone has heard already about the Governor’s proposal to hand over $290 million for the Brewers so they can make improvements to American Family field.

Not sure what all of the money we have spent on tickets, or all the money we were forced to hand over in the higher sales tax – what all of that was spent on but luckily for us taxpayers, it seems that the handout to the Brewers is dead, at least for now.

But you probably haven’t heard that Evers also wants to spend millions of your tax dollars on the semi-pro hockey team in Janesville and the yet to play semi-pro soccer team here in Milwaukee.

In total, Governor Evers wants to give over $60 million tax dollars to quote “Non-state” agencies, private businesses and entities that apparently cannot survive or compete without help from taxpayers around the state.

Luckily, Evers is very generous with your money.