MacIver News Minute: Expect More Massive Spending in Evers’ Budget Proposal

Feb. 14, 2023

Governor Tony Evers is set to introduce his 2023 2025 state budget this week and early indications suggest that it will be a spending tsunami.

Despite having a $7 billion dollar surplus – it is not accurate to call it a surplus, it really means you the taxpayer have been overtaxed by $7 billion dollars – despite state government bursting at the seams with an extra $7 billion of your tax dollars, the Governor still wants to increase taxes by hundreds of millions on hard-working Wisconsinites.

The Gov’s perpetual attempts to dramatically increase taxes and punish those of us who actually pay taxes, even when he is sitting on a mountain of cash, tells you how unserious he is when he claims to be a champion of working families and what an absolute joke his budget proposal will be.

Let’s hope the Legislature throws out the Evers budget and builds a budget that puts you the taxpayer first.