MacIver News Minute: Biden’s Student Loan Payback Prayer

May 3, 2022

President Biden is apparently considering a plan that would forgive college loan debt for millions of millennials.

Are you kidding me? We taxpayers are going to pay off the loans of every supposedly oppressed, self-loathing barista and social media influencer who refuse to get real jobs?

No one forced you to party your way through six years of college.  No one forced you to go to a college you cannot afford. No one forced you to get a useless degree in 12th century Romance languages.

How is it fair to all those hard-working students who paid their own way through college; to all those responsible families that scrimped and saved to help their child get a degree? How is it fair that we pay off the loans of a plastic surgeon or a high-priced lawyer who make more in one year than what we make in 20 years?

It’s not fair! It’s pathetic that Biden would pander in a such desperate attempt to save his own hide.