MacIver News Minute: Happy Tax Day

Apr. 19, 2022

Happy Tax Day, Wisconsin! There is nothing happy, joyful or even remotely redeeming about handing over our hard-earned money to our wasteful government!

It might be hard to believe, but Tax Day in Wisconsin could be a lot worse.

Since Republicans took control of the Legislature in 2011, taxes have been cut by an astonishing $22 billion. $22 billion, with a “b”.

That works out to a $3,700 tax cut for every person in the state.

Republicans also stopped Governor Evers from passing billions of dollars in tax increases and forced Evers to sign the largest tax cut in state history, even though he threatened to veto the entire budget because he wanted to spend more, not tax you less.

Remember that when the Governor attempts to take credit for cutting taxes because it’s an election year.