MacIver News Minute: Evers’ Vetoes

Apr. 22, 2022

Governor Evers announced his latest vetoes of legislation, and anyone holding out hope that the Governor might show some common sense was no doubt disappointed by his actions.

Gov. Evers vetoed bills that would have made it clear that educators work with, not against, parents and a bill that would have outlawed discrimination against those who refuse the covid vaccine. He vetoed a bill providing the opportunity for every single child, not just the privileged few, to attend the best school. And he vetoed a bill encouraging the expectation that every able-bodied adult with no children must work to receive food stamps.

Take a second and think about that – what is so controversial about letting parents make important decisions for their children or requiring those down on their luck to put forth some effort in order to receive help from taxpayers?

None of these are controversial which why it is so discouraging that Evers played partisan games–again!