MacIver News Minute: Wowzers!

Aug. 18, 2020
Everyone has heard of the heartbreaking stories of those, forced out of work by COVID, waiting forever to receive unemployment checks from our state government.
Secretary Frostman and DWD were clearly caught off guard by the avalanche of unemployment claims that started in March.
The real travesty is that months later, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites are still waiting for their checks.
To better understand the response of the Evers Administration, MacIver filed an open records request asking for all emails to or from Frostman concerning unemployment claims over a 30 day period.
Frostman turned over 5 emails. Just 5.
In one of the only emails he did turn over, Frostman responded to the news that unemployment claims went up by 3 million nationwide by exclaiming “Wowzers.”
Frostman’s agency could not answer the phone calls of the unemployed, could not keep up with taking claims and failed to get people their checks – wowzers indeed.

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