MacIver News Minute: The Attack on Officer Mensah

August 11, 2020

Normally, today’s MacIver News Minute would be all about Election Day and the need for everyone to get out to vote.

But, we cannot let what happened Saturday night in Wauwatosa go without comment.
After protesting once again at Mayfair mall earlier in the day, a large group of over 50 descended upon Police Officer Mensah’s personal home, where his family lives. The mob vandalized the house, shot off fireworks and once again acted like a bunch of thugs.
We know, we know, they were just peaceful protestors expressing their well thought and common sense views of how they want the world to be.
Problem is, this mob attempted to beat Officer Mensah when he tried to speak with them and then they fired a shotgun at Mensah. The mob literally tried to kill a police officer at his home.
If you consider yourself a peaceful protestor, you need to turn in the thugs who did this and speak out against this lawlessness and anarchy. If you are a progressive lawmaker walking with these thugs, you need to uphold your oath of office and tell the police so we can get those responsible off the streets before they kill someone.
Law abiding citizens and taxpayers need to stand up, speak out and make it clear that we will not be bullied or silenced by the rioters and the mob. We cannot let this stand.
Enough is enough.

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