MacIver News Minute: County Lockdown Orders

June 23, 2020

If you thought that the unnecessary and arbitrary COVID-19 lockdown was a thing of the past when the State Supreme Court ruled that the Evers Adminstration’s Safer at Home order was unconstitutional, think again.

Ever since that ruling back in May, county governments all across Wisconsin have been attempting to pass local ordinances that give an unelected bureaucrat unchecked authority and a great number of powers to combat disease.

Some of the local ordinances go so far as to allow the use of quarantine guards with police powers to force you to stay at home, give the public health officer the ability to enter private property and levy fines as high as $25,000 per violation of the order.

If you are someone who values your freedom and the precious rights given to you under the Constitution, you might want to call your local County Board member and ask he or she if a public health emergency ordinance is being debated in your community.

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