MacIver News Minute: Entrepreneurs Come To The Rescue

Apr. 7, 2020

One of the parts of the Covid 19 response that has not received enough attention is the vital and inspiring work of entrepreneurs and businesses as they mobilize to help our country and our state get through this public health emergency.

Businesses like Jockey International based in Kenosha.

CEO Debra Waller announced last week that Jockey would be donating 20,000 masks to Kenosha government and restart manufacturing of critically needed protective wear for hospital workers.
Thank you Debra and thank you to all the employees of Jockey.
Businesses like Surfacide Manufacturing and Universal Electronics in Whitewater, Wisconsin. 
Surfacide produces medical decontamination equipment for hospital rooms and now, with the help of Universal Electronics, these machines will be adapted to sanitize N95 masks.
Thank you Surfacide. Thank you Universal Electronics. 
Thank you to all the businesses and entrepreneurs that are stepping up, answering the call to help in our country in our time of need.