UPDATED: The Ice Cream Kids V. City Hall


Later today, a bill authored by State Sen. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) that would allow minors to operate a temporary stand without a permit or license will receive a public hearing in the Senate Committee On Public Benefits, Licensing, & State-Federal Relations.

Not sure why we need a new state law to “solve” this problem but if that is what it takes so kids like the Ruffi brothers can make some money in the summer running an ice cream stand, good for Sen. Kooyenga.

Watch the Ruffi brothers take on city hall by clicking on the video above.


MacIver News Service | October 4, 2017

By: Bill Osmulski

[Wausau, Wisc…] The Ruffi brothers took a foray into small business entrepreneurship this past summer by opening an ice cream stand. They hit a major roadblock when they wanted to start selling on public property. Selling ice cream might seem like kid stuff, but local regulations sucked out the fun for these boys. MNS’ Bill Osmulski has more.