In Case You Missed It: Governor Evers’ Budget, Strong Labor Market, and a Slowing Global Economy

MacIver News Service | March 8, 2019

Happy Friday, readers! This week in Wisconsin, we’ve all been focused on Governor Tony Evers’ first budget proposal. That being said, so much more has been going on in the American economy. The labor market is showing strong indicators lately and new analysis has come out covering major issues in Medicare-for-All plans. Here are a few articles for fiscal conservatives, in case you missed it.

Global Economy Slows, Europe’s Central Bank Responds

A slowdown in Europe’s economy has resulted in their central bank taking steps to revive old efforts to boost their economy and avoid a recession. Slowdowns in China and concerns from the United States’ trade policy have contributed to worries around the globe on the state of the world’s economy.

U.S Weekly Jobless Claims Fall, Indicating a Strong Labor Market

New information released shows that despite signs job growth is slowing down, the labor market continues to be strong. Weekly jobless claims fell to 223,000 for the last week, despite projections that the number would hold steady at 225,000. The pace of job growth continues to grow, and is projected to decrease the unemployment percent.

Americans Are in No Mood For Another Healthcare Upheaval

In a pro-con series for the Los Angeles Times, Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner outlines major issues with Medicare-for-All. Turner points out a major upheaval of the healthcare system in America would force 173 million Americans off their employer-provided plans, and would add $32 trillion in government spending over the next decade. Given the hardship caused by the Affordable Care Act, it is fair to express concern over even more government meddling in the healthcare sector.

MacIver Budget Analysis

It has been just over a week since Gov. Evers introduced his budget. The more it’s analyzed, it becomes more and more clear that the fiscal conservatism prevalent for the past decade is over – at least as far as the governor’s office is concerned. MacIver Institute has looked at the Governor’s proposed budget, and the results do not look good for taxpayers.