MacIver Marketplace, April 15th, 2016

While talking about the problems with the government run Washington DC metro, the author makes this noteworthy quote:

“If government is what we decide to do together, Metro seemed to be government at its best. But after 40 years it has come to be government at its dreariest….[the metro shows that] Progress tends to arise from the evolution of trial and error processes more than from grand schemes launched by planners and revolutionaries.”

The economy has changed drastically over the past century. This article sums up some of those changes, while also describing how the technology economy as centered in Silicon Valley is prone to the same expansions and contractions that the industrial economy as centered in Pittsburg was.

Even though unions in Los Angeles campaigned to raise the minimum wage, they are now asking for exemptions.

While on the topic of minimum wage, this author coins the term “economic denialism” to describe the beliefs of those supporting minimum wage increases.