Raising Up WI – Part 3: Marshall’s Story

The professional protesters have for too long tried to convince the mainstream media and the public that a minimum wage job automatically sentences an individual to a life of poverty and misery. Conveniently ignored is the fact that a minimum wage job was never meant to be a life-long career or a family-supporting wage.

The MacIver Institute is proud to bring you success stories of real Wisconsinites who started out working a minimum wage job and now, through hard work and perseverance, own and operate their own businesses.

In our third video of the Raising Up Wisconsin series, we tell the story of Marshall Chay.

Marshall’s story is a true inspiration and it should serve as a reminder to young people of just how successful you can be, even if you begin your journey working at a minimum wage job. He came to America from South Korea with his family as a child. Marshall started out working for minimum wage at McDonald’s and he worked full-time through high school and college.

Like so many others, Marshall worked his way into management and eventually achieved his dream of owning his own business when he bought his first McDonald’s franchise in the early 1990s. In the video, he also describes how an artificially inflated minimum wage would deprive today’s young people of the opportunities he had.

Watch Marshall’s story, share it on social media, and share your own story using the hashtag #RaisingUpWI.

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