Sen. Leah Vukmir Introduces Bill to Repeal Minimum Markup Law

MacIver News Service | September 25, 2015

[Madison, Wisc..] Complaints continue against Meijer grocery stores for violating an obscure state law known as the Unfair Sales Act. Otherwise known as the minimum markup law, it sets minimum prices for goods like alcohol, tobacco and gasoline. It also bans companies from selling almost all other merchandise below cost, which leads to higher prices on some products. The decades-old law is especially noticeable to consumers during major sales like Black Friday where lower prices can be found in other states.

Sen. Leah Vukmir has decided it is time to eliminate the law and has circulated a bill for co-sponsorship that would repeal the Unfair Sales Act. Recently, Vukmir sat down with the MacIver Institute to explain why she feels her bill is necessary.