Final Clean Power Plan Whacks Wisconsin

Solar Panel

August 10, 2015

by Matt Crumb
MacIver Institute Research Associate

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It’s coming – the most sweeping environmental regulations in U.S. history – and it’s going to hit the Badger State hard.

President Obama announced the final Clean Power Plan format this week that takes aim at coal-fired power plants in an effort to drop carbon emissions levels 32 percent by 2030, based on their 2005 levels. Each state will have to submit a plan tailored specifically to their emissions levels no later than 2018 and start full compliance no later than 2022.

The plan is only slightly altered from its original form, which had a 30 percent emissions reduction target and required plan submittal by next year and full implementation by 2020.

Never mind that the controversial regulation garnered 4.3 million comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website, or that 12 states have already sued over its shaky legality and potentially detrimental impact on the power grid.

For Obama and his environmentalist agenda, this is what it means to go all in.

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