Rep. Steve Nass Calls School Accountability Bill Hogwash

MacIver News Service | September 18, 2013

[Madison, Wisc…] Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) was not quiet about his concerns that Sen. Luther Olsen’s (R-Ripon) school accountability bill will only give more power to public school bureaucrats. Nass said in a response to the Wisconsin State Journal’s editorial about the bill that it will “hand greater powers to the inept Department of Public Instruction and bully private schools making it less likely they will accept parental vouchers.”

The Whitewater Republican responded to the State Journal editorial on Wednesday. The editorial supported Olsen’s bill, especially the increased accountability in voucher schools. “It would require voucher schools to report much of the same data to the state Department of Public Instruction that public schools, including charters, already do. That would help parents and the public determine if the vouchers are well spent,” the State Journal editorial board wrote.

Madison’s largest paper said, “Olsen has the right attitude. And his strong proposal shouldn’t be weakened as it winds its way through the Legislature.”

Olsen’s bill will find at least one hurdle placed by Rep. Nass, as he vowed to “fight for the rights of parents and children when it comes to education,” at the end of his open letter to the State Journal.

The full letter from Nass can be seen here.