Curious Election Documents Found in Dumpster in Racine, Sheriff’s Department Investigating

MacIver News Service | June 14, 2012

[Racine, Wisc…] A Racine County Sheriff’s Department official confirmed to the MacIver News Service that it is investigating the discovery of discarded election-related documents in the city of Racine.

At issue are election registration forms and partisan political literature found in a dumpster behind the Cesar Chavez Community Center in the City of Racine.

Upon hearing the allegations, the MacIver News Service contacted the Racine County Sheriff’s department to confirm that they were looking into the matter.

Captain Thomas Lamke from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office responded to our inquiry and confirmed an investigation was ongoing. The department provided no other comment on the matter.

According to a source familiar with the allegations who wishes to remain anonymous, multiple voter registration forms were discovered, including mostly-blank forms that had been pre-certified by an election official

“There were some registration forms that were partially filled out, paperwork that could have possibly been used for same day voter registration,” the source told MNS.

What concerns the person who spoke to MNS is “the fact that these documents aren’t supposed to be signed in advance. “

The Cesar Chavez Community Center, located at 221 Douglas Avenue, is an official polling location in the City of Racine.

MacIver News Service will have more on this story as it develops.