Anti-Walker Forces Take Advantage of Extended Hours, Vote in Milwaukee Saturday

MacIver News Service | May 26, 2012

[MILWAUKEE] More than one hundred early voters rallied in the rain Saturday and many marched to the Zeidler Municipal Building in Milwaukee to cast early absentee ballots in the June 5th recall election.

Wisconsin Jobs Now, the liberal nonprofit that has been organizing a massive early voting effort here, sponsored the rally and march and escorted much of the crowd to vote early.

The election officials in Madison and Milwaukee are going out of their way to encourage successful early voting efforts in their cities. Both will keep the polling locations for early voting open for extended evening hours prior to the June 5 recall including being open on the weekends and the Memorial Day holiday.

While the Walker campaign, the state and county Republican parties and conservative groups are encouraging early absentee voting as well, these efforts are mostly via phone calls and mailers. There is no such comparable GOTV effort to transport likely Walker voters to the polls in Madison, Milwaukee, or anywhere else in Wisconsin prior to June 5th.

We’ll update this report with additional information and photos, so check back often.