We have liftoff!

We’re rolling out the new, turbocharged, MacIver Institute website with a soft launch.

Not much fanfare and no real heavy promotion from us, yet.

We’ve made the switch and now we need to work out the bugs and glitches that always accompany a migration from old to new. For a while, some of the links within stories will lead you to…well…nowhere.

Some of the graphics and photos may be mismatched. We’re sure the bugs will range from the humorous to the infuriating.

All we ask is that you have patience with us as we work to resolve the issues as they arise. We’ve made the investment in time and resources because, after three years as the Free Market Voice for Wisconsin, we’ve created a library of content that deserves to be more easilty showcased and circulated more often.

Our new site loads much more quickly and provides users with more and varied content on every screen.

Our new comment system should encourage increased engagement and we’re making it easier for you to share our articles with your social media networks. Speaking of social media. Among the changes you’ll notice is that our twitter streams have gained new prominence on the homepage. (To that end, we encourage follows, retweets and use of the #WiRight hashtag when appropriate).

So, look around and kick the tires.

Share your feedback with us. In a few days we’ll have a more publicized unveiling, but until then. Consider this your insiders’ peek into the new MacIverInstitute.com.