Nonpartisan? When headline refers to Republican Senator as ‘Crazy,’ GAB Staffer Tweets “OMG! Headline winner…”

MacIver News Service | December 16, 2011

GAB's Buerger

[Madison, Wisc…] The same employee who admitted the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board would deem all recall signatures valid, even if they were signed Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler, has engaged in online activity that could lead some to question his impartiality.

David Buerger, an elections specialist with the GAB used his Twitter account to praise a blog posting wherein Republican State Senator Mary Lazich was called “Crazy Mary.”

“OMG! Headline winner…” Buerger tweeted last month, and then included a link to the blog post.

Just this week Buerger linked to a story about the two-year long investigation by the Democratic District Attorney in Milwaukee that may or may not involve the activities of Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County Executive staff.

“Ruh-roh… John Doe investigation on the move: “

Last night, the Maciver Institute, whose twitter handle is @MacIverWisc, retweeted Buerger’s questionable missives.  This brought an immediate reaction from the elections specialist.

Buerger, who uses the Twitter handle @buergd, later blocked the MacIver Institute fro accessing his twitter feed. He does note in his twitter profile that, “My opinions are my own (not G.A.B. official).”

When concerns were raised over the screening process of the 50 temporary workers the  intends to hire to process the recall petitions, it was Buerger who assured GAB Board members that temporary workers would be vetted by GAB staff to make sure concealed zealots would not be hired.

Buerger can be seen in this video report MacIver News filed earlier this week after the GAB’s most recent hearing: