Notoriously Profane Emailer Had Struck Earlier

Warning, this story alludes to some graphic language. This report is not appropriate to be viewed by children. May not be safe for workplace viewing.

MacIver News Service | June 7, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] Christopher Branski, whose recent profanity-laden correspondence to Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) has raised eyebrows across the state, had earlier written a similar email to a top Walker Administration official.

The MacIver News Service obtained emails from Branski as a part of an open records request of the Department of Administration.

On Sunday, March 27, Branski sent the following email to DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch:

Mr. Huebsch:

I must say that I find your interpretation of the law very entertaining; first you defy one court order by locking the Capitol after being told to open it to protesters, then you, that piece of $#!* governor, and that c——ker Fitzgerald decide to violate a restraining order telling you not to publish the Budget Repair Bill. And you go and do it anyway.

Where do you get his power? What makes you above the law? You obviously think of yourself as some savior but the fact is that you’re just a piece of f—ing garbage. There are not enough words to describe how much I hate you, the Fitzgeralds, and Walker. The only honorable thing you and the rest of that gang can do after you suck each other’s d—s is to burn in hell. Yes, I hate you that much.

Christopher Branski

A few hours later, Huebsch forwarded the email to the Governor’s office staff with a short one line description.

“I think this goes in the “opposed” stack,” he wrote.

Branski has become a regular attendee and provocateur at the protest rallies at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

According to his public Facebook profile, Branski is a 1990 graduate of Battery Creek High School in South Carolina is currently a nursing student at Madison Area Technical College

In his June 2 email to Milwaukee-area Republican Senator Alberta Darling, Branski wrote:

Soon to be ex-Senator Darling:

Last night when you decided to cut the state EITC credits to working poor families in order to provide no-strings-attached tax breaks to corporations you showed your true colors: you’re not on our side and you have no heart.

Instead of cajoling you to change your mind, I’m just going to tell you what you are: you’re a useless f**king c*nt that has no redeeming value. There are not enough words to describe how much I hate you and the rest of the f**king scum in the Wisconsin GOP.

You’re parasites and you contribute nothing. Enjoy getting recalled you useless f**king dried up c*nt.

Branski’s email to Darling went viral on social networking sites, and in a subsequent interview on a Milwaukee radio station, he refused to apologize for anything he wrote to the senator.

This earlier email to Secretary Huebsch, uncovered by the MNS, indicates Branksi’s use of such a tone and such language was not a one-time occurrence.