The MacIver Principles Now Available for Downloading

The Free Market Voice for Wisconsin Publishes Reform Proposals in Printable Document

[Madison, Wisc..] Wisconsin taxpayers, and the politicians who work for them in Madison, now have an easy to follow guide to help them fix Wisconsin’s fiscal mess.

The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy recently drafted their Principles to Guide Wisconsin’s Budget. The MacIver Principles have now been published in a document that individuals can download and print out on their own.

“Our website has seen a significant uptick in traffic since we first unveiled the MacIver Principles, so we wanted to put them in one handy document,” said MacIver Institute President Brett Healy.

The MacIver Principles lay out a reform agenda Healy says must be implemented, immediately, if Wisconsin is to avoid the fiscal meltdown that is looming.

“The MacIver Principles should serve as a guide for the new Governor and new Legislature who have an historic opportunity and obligation to, quite frankly, fix this mess,” said Healy. “We understand that the recklessness of the Doyle Administration and previous legislatures have left our state finances in such disarray that it will take time to repair; however, it is imperative that the reclamation process begin immediately.”

The MacIver Principles document include several recommended changes in both the structure of the state budget and the process by which it is created, including:

  • Immediately freeze state spending and hiring
  • Prioritize wants over needs
  • Stop being a social services magnet
  • Pursue privatization when cost-effective
  • Scale back the taxing authorities
  • Eliminate unfunded mandates
  • Conduct a bureaucratic purge
  • Embrace transparency

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