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If you could identify your favorite thing MacIver has given you, a piece of information we’ve provided you that made a difference in Wisconsin, would you think it was …

Was it something else?  We would love to hear what it was!

Our goal is to bring you reliable information and timely analysis that truly addresses what is important to us and our families.  And we want to continue to make a big impact.  With your partnership, we can!

November 28th is Giving Tuesday.  Touted as a “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world”.  You have the power!

On this Giving Tuesday, please partner with the MacIver Institute and help us continue to give to Wisconsinites, to challenge the status quo and make Wisconsin a better place for people and businesses to flourish.

With your 100% tax deductible donation, we will continue to develop a new generation of ideas that promote free markets, individual freedom, and responsible government.

If you believe in the ideas of the Founding Fathers, like we do, please consider a gift to the MacIver Institute.  We can be partners in that “something bigger” that will impact public perception and move Wisconsin Forward.  Contribute here.

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