Budget Blog: Shared Revenue Bonanza

June 20, 2023

Yesterday, the shared revenue bill became law, which provides an historic increase in state aid to local governments. By diverting a portion of state sales tax collections into shared revenue, local aid will increase by a quarter of a billion dollars or 36.5%. Madison and Milwaukee are guaranteed to get at least a 10% increase in state aid, while everyone else will get at least a 20% boost. However, according to the distribution tables provided by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau earlier this week, only a fraction of communities will receive the minimum increase. Madison, for example, is getting a 58% increase.

The Town of Cedar Rapids in Rusk County will get the highest percentage increase at 5,753%. The 36 resident community will go from $532 in annual state aid to $31,138. (That’s in addition to the $45,876 in general transportation aids it receives to maintain its 18.83 miles of roads.)

The City of Milwaukee will get the highest dollar amount increase at $21.7 million. The next five cities with the biggest increases are: Racine, Beloit, Green Bay, Madison, and Kenosha.

Here are the total shared revenue increases from LFB:

Use this spreadsheet to see where you local community ranks.


See where your county ranks with this spreadsheet.


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