Marquette Poll: 95% of Wisconsinites Agree On One Thing

The highest rate of inflation in over 40 years has nearly everyone in Wisconsin united in worry.

A new Marquette poll came out today, and while the numbers on the primary and general election match-ups are garnering most of the attention, the poll gave some insight on a number of policy issues we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight.

Only 3 years ago, people in the state were generally feeling optimistic, with the right direction numbers being over 50% and the wrong track under 40%.  Those numbers have flipped entirely, with under 40% of people believing the state is headed the right direction, and wrong track numbers holding steady at 56%.

Source: Marquette Law School Poll 6/22


Inflation Worries Nearly Everyone

Months of sustained inflation, rising at the fastest rate in 40 years is the top concern for 75% of poll respondents, and obviously a driving factor in the pessimism Wisconsinites feel about the direction of the state. Fully 95% of poll respondents indicated they were very or somewhat concerned about inflation, reflecting widespread worry about making ends meet.


A large majority of those polled – 83% – say they’re concerned about healthcare, but the levels of concern about COVID have dropped, with 54% of respondents indicating they’re not concerned about the virus.

Constitutional Rights

Abortion policy and gun policy register the same levels of concern from respondents, with both issues seeing 82% of those polled saying they are very or somewhat concerned about those issues. Opinions of those surveyed on these issues remains virtually unchanged over a number of years, but as these topics have seen renewed attention recently, concern about potential changes in policy have brought them to the forefront.

The Marquette Poll has tracked public opinion on abortion policy over a decade, and there has been little change in the breakdown of supporters and opponents of legal abortion in that time.  The recent leak of a U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion rights has elevated the issue in respondent’s minds.

Similarly, opinions on mandatory background checks for gun purchases and ‘red flag” laws remain unchanged from polling in 2019 where they saw broad support.

Source: Marquette Law School Poll 6/22

Election Integrity

The confidence in the integrity of the 2020 election remains virtually unchanged from a year ago.  The partisan breakdown is predictable, but of interest is that 30% of independents are not confident in the results, showing how deep concerns about election integrity run.

Transgender Sports

The poll looked at transgender policy issues, finding 62% of the public believes athletes should only be allowed to compete on teams of their birth gender.

Water Quality

A strong majority of respondents, 66%, believe water quality is an issue of statewide concern, 61% are concerned about PFAS contamination, while 43% are concerned about the safety of their local water supply.


Concerns about crime have been top of mind for many Wisconsinites; the poll did not include a question on the topic.