MacIver News Minute: MacIver Sues Gov. Evers for Equal Access

August 13, 2019

It seems Gov. Tony Evers doesn’t want to answer the really hard questions.

For the past eight months, the governor’s team has blocked MacIver News reporters from key email lists and press briefings, silencing the taxpayers’ voice in Evers’ east wing.

That’s why the MacIver Institute sued Evers last week. The federal case says the administration is violating MacIver’s rights to free speech, freedom of the press and equal access.

Legal experts agree MacIver’s case is strong. One UW law professor told the Associated Press, “It’s practically a slam dunk,” while his colleague said Evers’ actions raise legitimate First Amendment concerns.

Freedom of Information Council President Bill Lueders hit Evers hardest, saying he should be able to handle reporters from a conservative outlet if he has what it takes to be governor.

Our country relies on a vigilant press asking tough questions. Does Evers have what it takes to answer them? MacIver’s lawsuit will be a key test.

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