MacIver News Minute: Evers Clings To Obama-era Climate Rules

August 22, 2019

Some politicians just can’t let go.

That seems to be the case with Gov. Tony Evers, who wants to revive the failed Paris Climate accord. In an executive order last Friday, Evers sets out to ensure Wisconsin meets the accord’s renewable energy benchmarks.

His agenda looks like the Obama-era “Clean Power Plan,” a costly proposition for employers and families.

In Wisconsin alone, Obama’s plan would have cost 20,000 jobs and cut disposable income by billions over 15 years, according to a MacIver Institute study.

An inconvenient truth for climate alarmists is that Evers’ effort is purely symbolic. Even if the entire U.S. stopped all carbon emissions right away and went back to living in caves, global temperatures would only decrease a fraction of a degree.

Clinging to a green pipe dream hasn’t gotten cheaper since the Obama days. But the cost is worth it for photo op seeking politicians like Evers.

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