Video Shines New Light on Federal Debt and Deficit

February 16, 2016

How much would each American citizen need to save to fully repay the federal government’s $19 trillion debt?

A new video from our friends at the Heritage Foundation answers that question, putting the nation’s debt and deficit into stark focus. The video explains President Obama’s budget proposal and the need to reform entitlements, the tax code, and the budget process, and describes the urgency of slashing spending.

From the Daily Signal website:

You would think hitting $19 trillion in debt would be a serious wake-up call for Washington.

But we’ve been at this crossroads, at the intersection of prioritizing and cutting spending and pretending that the bills will never come due. President Barack Obama has already shown his hand: His new budget increases spending and taxes and ignores America’s growing and unsustainable debt.

The Republican Congress must present a different path. In this video, I explain what they must do and why it matters to every American.

Whole thing here.