John Doe Investigation in Milwaukee County Over

MacIver News Service | March 1, 2013

Updated March 1, 2013 at 9:45AM

[Madison, Wisc…] After a lengthy investigation, the John Doe case in Milwaukee County has come to a close. No charges will be brought against Governor Scott Walker.

Three former Milwaukee County employees faced charges in the investigation conducted by District Attorney John Chisholm. Chisholm confirmed the end of the investigation in a statement. “After a review of the John Doe evidence, I am satisfied that all charges that are supported by proof beyond a reasonable doubt have now been brought and concluded. As a consequence, last week my office petitioned for, and Judge Nettesheim has granted, the closure of the John Doe investigation.”

After the recall election in June, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate told supporters they believed all along that “Scott Walker will see the inside of a jail cell before he sees the inside of another term.”

Despite that rhetoric, Walker won the recall election and now appears to have been cleared of any wrongdoing through the conclusion of the investigation.

Walker put out a statement saying, “I am glad the process has been completed. As many may remember, this entire matter began when we asked the District Attorney to look into concerns we had with respect to Operation Freedom. We appreciate the effort that was undertaken and to bring appropriate matters to justice.”

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