It’s Still Working Wisconsin!

February 11th marks the 2 year anniversary of announcement of plan that would become Act 10

Madison… Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Wisconsin State Director Luke Hilgemann and John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy President Brett Healy released the following statement on the 2 year anniversary of Act 10 being introduced to the public.

“Two years ago, it seemed like it was going to be impossible to bridge the gap of irresponsible spending and state deficits,” said Hilgemann. “It was going to take significant leadership from the Governor and the Legislature to eliminate a $3.6 billion deficit and then there was the announcement of the bill that would become Act 10 and we had the answer. It was a bold and responsible reform that has been an unmitigated success for Wisconsin taxpayers and an example for the rest of the country.”

Special Session Assembly Bill 11 was announced to the public on February 11th and would be officially introduced on February 15th. The bill was eventually signed into law by Governor Walker on March 11th as Act 10.

“It’s working, pure and simple,” said Healy. “In October, we announced that the savings to state and local governments has topped $2 billion and the total continues to grow. Act 10 gave government at all levels the tools they need to rein in costs while continuing to provide the same level of service. While states like Illinois are increasing taxes, laying off teachers and cutting services, Wisconsin continues to be an example of how to budget responsibly.”

AFPF and MacIver joined forces in 2011 to create the “It’s Working” project. The effort educated the public on the benefits of Act 10 through a series of town halls, social media and paid advertising.

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