Milwaukee Teachers Union Relies on Out of State Help to Get Out the Vote

GOTV Vans Sit Idle–Until Illinois Charter Bus Arrives

MacIver News Service | November 6, 2012

[MILWAUKEE] In what’s expected to be a close election both nationally and in Wisconsin, an entire fleet of vans intended for getting voters to the polls sat idle in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Tuesday morning.

Instead of ushering Milwaukee residents to their respective polling places, approximately 20 vans–most of which had out-of-state license plates ranging from Michigan to Ohio–sat empty.

That is, until help from Chicago arrived. Around 11:30 AM, a charter bus donning Illinois license plates showed up at the MTEA offices.

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 3.28.57 PM.png

Shortly after the out-of-state bus unloaded its passengers, all 20 vans filled up and took off, leaving the lot empty.

As was reported earlier, the Obama campaign has been enticing Chicago-area volunteers to work on turnout operations across the border in Wisconsin.

It would appear that even though their own members could not get the job done, MTEA’s get out the vote effort is being propped up by allies from Illinois.

Perhaps those from south of the state line are merely repaying a favor?

In September, MTEA Chief Bob Petersen was in Chicago rallying with striking teachers there.