Neenah Board of Education Sets Aside $723K for Teacher Merit Pay

The Neenah Board of Education is pushing towards a plan that would reward high performing teachers with greater pay for the coming school year. This pay-for-performance plan would eschew a previous system of raises that were based on tenure and professional development in favor of rewarding educators that get the most out of their students. While some hiccups exist when it comes to determining just which teachers are the highest performing, the district hopes to get their program up and running as quickly as possible.

This merit-based system follows in the footsteps of other budding programs in Wisconsin. The Cedarburg School District has instituted a modest merit pay system for the past six years. Hartland-Lakeside has led the charge in 2012 when it comes to exploring performance-pay models after Act 10.

Switching to a system that rewards the best teachers is a strong reform aimed at retaining the district’s best educators. It will also make Neenah a more attractive option for young, talented teachers that want to have a positive impact in the classroom and be recognized for it. For more information on Neenah’s reform plan, click here.