In One Day, WEAC Spends Nearly a Half Million Dollars to Support Democrats in Recalls

MacIver News Service | July 28, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] WEAC, Wisconsin’s largest teachers’union, spent nearly a half million dollars in one day on behalf of Democratic candidates through their political aciton committee, the MacIver News Service has learned.

According to records on file at the Wisconsin Governement Accountability Board, on July 22 WEAC PAC spent  $424,000 on a radio ad buy to support two Democrat State Senators being recalled, and five Democrat candidates who are challenging Republican incumbent Senators.

Top beneficiaries of the WEAC independent disbursements include Sandy Pasch, $92,930, Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie), $87,670, and Fred Clark $74,704.  Pasch is running agains GOP Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills). Clark, a State Representative from Baraboo, is challenging Luther Olsen (R-Berlin).

WEAC also supported Shelly Moore with a $60,026 radio buy. As MacIver previously reported, Shelly Moore is a teachers’ union operative whose Menomonie campaign office is located in the West Central Education Association Office building. The WCEA is the one of the Wisconsin branches of WEAC.

WEAC PAC is the Political Action Committee of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state affiliate of the NEA, which (currently) represents 92,000 teacher union members.

For the pro-union Democratic party forces across the country, the Wisconsin state senate recalls are viewed as a symbolic counterattack against efforts to weaken Big Labor, long recognized as the driving force within the Dem party infrastructure. In Wisconsin, WEAC has traditionally been the most active and aggressive poltical campaigner for the state Democrats. All told, Big Labor is pouring millions of dollars into nine state legislative races this summer in an attempt to wrest control of the state senate from Republicans who recently voted to modify government unions’ bargaining powers here.

See the official documentation from the Wisconsin Goverment Accountability Board: GAB-7 Report of Independent Disbursements (15)

  • Cheryl

    Will all the union dues be going up?

  • Cathy

    Union dues should only go up for Democratic Union Members-not conservatives-just my opinion. Wish I could speak to masses about unequal representation by WEAC.

  • mjo

    go to the WEAC site, where they proudly proclaim right there in big print that they do NOT support political candidates.

    CAll them. Call them. Call them out.
    call their disgusting hypocrisy to their attention.
    call their blatant abuse of taxpayer=donated pre-paycheck collectively bargained union dues–call that abuse to wisconsin\’s attention.
    it sure gets mine.

  • mjo

    really? your opinion?

    are the only teachers paying dues members of the democratic voting block? seems to me that ALL teachers had to pay. and pay and pay and pay.

    your opinion?

    here\’s mine. as a fair share union teacher for almost 30 years, i have paid for the right to be disgusted by the antics of the WEA which has pimped its teachers and collected their dues for too many years.

    as of less than an hour ago, the WEA personified pontius pilate, washing its hands of the budgetary lay-offs.

    the mps teachers, in their latest secret vote (if you can trust the union to report the results honestly at all) have decided to keep their \”rights\”, not caring about all those young teachers who stood shoulder to shoulder with them last spring, shouting solidarity.

    whose rights have been abused for way too long? how much will the union contribute to keep its greedy mitts on its members\’ dues. apparently half a million in one day. and more promised.

  • Disband all unions that have anything to do with the government or citizens monies. They are all thieves, pumping up the contract cost, caring not about the country. The labor dept. offers all the protections against being fired without cause necessary, stop giving union thugs money for nothing.
    Anyone getting more than 30% of their money from the government should not pay taxes, but also should not be allowed to vote.
    No one not owning property should be allowed to vote on issues concerning property taxes.
    Unions should be taxed 100% on whatever monies they have after representing their members.
    Unions and corporations are exactly the same thing, and should be taxed exactly the same way.
    Go through every budget, every expense, for every department, and if they haven\’t met their purpose, or have, like the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Education, actually made the situation worse, they should all be closed.
    Ron Reale

  • Gregory8

    A portion of the dues goes for Political Causes, ok. A union member can opt out of that.

    However, whatever amount of money that is…has to go the member\’s choice of charities or churches, or Cancer Research, etc.

  • Jan Stone

    I cal B**lS**t. I am a teachers Union member and that is simply not true.

  • Jan Stone

    very well said!!!

  • cindy gernenz

    ish more teachers would come out like you did and the news media report on that. Glad at least you had something to say about the WEA abuses.

  • steve

    Jan writes: \”I cal B**lS**t. I am a teachers Union member and that is simply not true.\”

    Wow, I hope that that undecipherable comment is not indicative of your intelligence. Maybe you just had too much to drink?

  • Browns44

    \”I cal B**lS**t. I am a teachers Union member and that is simply not true.\” Jan Stone

    Well, a couple of things.

    1. I guess Jan doesn\’t believe the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board\’s report because,

    2. WEAC PAC spent MORE than $424,000 on July 22.

    Go figure.

  • paul

    A teacher can opt out of paying pac dues if the request is made in writing by Oct. 31st and the money is paid directly to the teacher. The part that erks me is that the union health insurance gives money for political action and teachers do not know about it. They also had no way of getting back those monies either and and many gave up pay increases because it went to the increase of premiums.