September 21, 2023 | By William Briggs
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Be Damned To Your Masks & Your Idiot Moronic Effeminate Fear

Face masks, plastic shields, one-way shopping aisles… They’re coming back. William Briggs explains what motivates the experts to continue pushing these dubious safety measures.

I cannot express, in polite English, my boundless disgust with the return of the idiot covid panic. From Day One of the first panic we, you and I dear loyal readers, have been shouting—into the void, as it turned out—that panic is never an intelligent rational sane option. Never.

Panic saps sanity. Panic destroys. Panic kills.

Panic causes panic, because panic is catchier than any virus.

This is doubly so in an Expertocracy, where a prime motivator of Experts—those who rule over us by theory and bureaucracy and mandates—is fear. Not of viruses or slight increases in global average temperature. No. Fear that they are not keeping up with other Experts. Fear that they are not racing headlong into the black future with the crowd. Experts cannot bear being seen disagreeing with other Experts.

As I have said, time and again, the only lesson learned from history is that no lesson is learned from history.

Here is what one longhouse bastion of effeminate idiot fear now requires:

Only for fourteen days, the ladies and soymen in charge of the indoctrination center, called “Morris Brown College”, say. Two weeks. To flatten the curve.

Yes. “The mask mandate is a precautionary move for the next 14 days”, a news report says.

That report also highlights the extreme asininity of the fresh idiot panic: “Officials say there have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases among its students”.

But why not panic anyway. It feels so good to put the squeeze on and make Safety First!

Will the students meekly obey, and join the Cult of Safety First? Or will they recognize the risible stupidity and complete uselessness of the restrictions? I’d like to believe the young are not as frightened as their foolish elders. I want their natural rebelliousness to kick in and for them to disobey. Disobeying is the only rational response.

Will they?

No, probably not. They will meekly submit. That’s history’s answer, anyway.

A local grocery store where I live has succumbed to the fresh idiot panic and reinstalled Science Shields. Yes: Science Shields. Those vice-signaling, but not virus-stopping, pieces of Plexiglas between you and the cashier.

If there was anything stupider than masks, it has to be Science Shields. They are purely performative. Yet all the world’s a stage, is it not? People loved playing their roles in the first idiot panic. They adored signaling how frightened they were.

Will they again strap on their costumes and say their lines, like we all do in the Security Theater at airports, a gift of the terrorist panic, or will they be like the aging actress who has performed her role one too many times and has stormed off the stage?

Wait. I remember something even more subrational than masks and Science Shields. Those one-way stickers on store floors. The virus, seeing these, did not dare attack any obedient people who walked in accord with the stickers. Fear-scoffers walking in opposition were doomed. They are now all dead.

Masks? Except for sealed-to-the-outside-world spacesuit-like outfits, masks do not work. This has been proved again and again and again, starting with the Spanish flu. This was a time of local, and not yet global, panics. The technology to enable global panics was not yet in place, like it is now. Certain localities mandated masks.

Authorities then had the intelligence to study whether these mandates worked. They did not, and they said so.

This was followed by a century’s worth of experimentation and study. The overwhelming conclusion of these studies was that masks did not work. No, not even in hospital operating rooms.

After our first idiot panic was quelled, Experts again studied masks. They again—and even I was astonished—concluded masks don’t work.

None of these evidence means anything to the Cult of Safety First! Masks were, and are, visible bold displays that members were properly and proudly scared, as they were informed they must be. Masks provided the exact same protective effect as those tiny Ukrainian flag pictures in social media bios have in dispelling Russian artillery.

Users got to feel good about themselves. And in our burgeoning Longhouse, there is nothing more important than feelings.

There are many rumors our rulers will call upon lackey Experts to institute a new panic beginning October. After all, the first one was so useful to them in fortifying the last Presidential election.

Even after everything we have seen, I am skeptical of these rumors. The preparations that have been noted may be nothing more than usual government profligacy, and the recognition all diseases, including covid, which thanks to Experts who created it is with us forever, peak in winter. But I may be reading my own desire that we’re not as ignorant as our rulers count on.

I despise, loathe, and abominate those that rule over us and encourage this madness.

Do not comply. Disobey. If you do obey, then you will discover how easy it is to submit to the strictures that are coming, as expressed in this headline: “14 American Cities Aim to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Cars by 2030“.

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