MacIver Newsmakers Podcast: Rep. Mark Born Reacts to Gov. Evers’ Budget Plan

Feb. 20, 2023

Gov. Evers presented his budget plan on Feb. 15th that included $1.6 billion in new taxes, a 16% increase in overall spending, and dozens of policy items that only appeal to the most extreme liberals. In short, it was not a serious proposal. It was merely a political statement, and ensured there was no opportunity for negotiations with the Republican-led legislature. Consequently, Evers cut himself out of the budget-writing process.

Republicans, predictably, rejected the entire document, which means Evers lost any ability to negotiate over the items that truly matter to him and his supporters. JFC Co-chair Rep. Mark Born talked to the MacIver Institute about how that affects the budget process, and how the Republican-led legislature plans to proceed.

Evers still has a line-item veto, but he has no control over what the legislature hands him.