MacIver News Minute: Evers’ Reckless Budget

Feb. 23, 2023

While we warned you that Governor Evers was likely to introduce a state budget that was devoid of any common sense and a pathetic partisan hoax, even we were shocked at what he proposed last week.

Despite sitting on a $7 billion surplus – again, its not really a surplus, it means you the taxpayer have been overtaxed – despite sitting on that $7 billion dollar surplus, Evers has proposed increasing taxes again by over $1.5 billion dollars and increasing total spending in the next budget by a mind-blowing $14 billion dollars, state spending will total almost $104 billion dollars.

That means if Governor Evers gets his way, government spending will increase by roughly 36% in just a few short years.

Quick question for you, has your paycheck increased 36% in the last few years so you can pay higher taxes for all this reckless spending?

I didn’t think so.