The MacIver Institute Presents: James O’Keefe

Dec. 27, 2022

James O’Keefe is the type of journalist people in power fear. Project Veritas has caught hundreds of politicians, mainstream media reporters, and corporate executives admitting the most shocking behavior and betraying the public trust.

There was the time he and a friend went undercover at ACORN posing as a pimp and a prostitute trying to apply for government benefits. The time he confronted a Twitter executive over admitting to subverting Elon Musk’s efforts to turn the company around. There were teachers caught openly admitting to subverting their students. There was the principal who said he refuses to hire Catholics. There was the time the FBI raided his home and those of his staff.

O’Keefe shared these stories and others at a special event hosted by the MacIver Institute in early December. Listen to the entire presentation here and prepare to be shocked and inspired. (The videos he references are embedded below)

James O’Keefe’s Highlight Reel

1. O’Keefe exploded onto the national scene when he and Hannah Giles visited ACORN offices around the country posing as a pimp and his prostitute. The ACORN workers told O’Keefe and Giles how they could illegally secure government aid on camera. The left attacked O’Keefe mercilessly, but it was still the end of ACORN and the beginning of Project Veritas.

2. A teacher from Natomas Unified School District Sacramento was caught indoctrinating children with Antifa and communist propaganda. “I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” he said on a hidden camera. Mothers lost their minds, and the teacher was forced to resign.

3. The assistant principal at Cos Cob Elementary School in Greenwich, Connecticut was caught on camera saying he refuses to hire Catholics.

4. A New York Times reporter was caught making fun of his colleagues over their obsession with Jan. 6th, and describing how the Times uses hidden cameras.


5. When another New York Times reporter published private communications between O’Keefe and his lawyers, which were covered by attorney-client privilege, O’Keefe confronted him in public. The report got the documents from federal agents, and O’Keefe questioned him about collaborating with the feds against fellow journalists.

6. Project Veritas republished a video from Instagram of a Somali immigrant in Minnesota bragging about his participation in an illegal ballot harvesting operation while showing the ballots.

7. When Project Veritas walked up to Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs to ask about her gun control position, she panicked and ran, spilling her drink in her haste.

8. Project Veritas caught a Twitter engineer on tape making fun of Elon Musk and claiming he has Asperger’s. O’Keefe confronts him in New York and is subsequently led on a chase around the neighborhood.

9. When Project Veritas exposed a teacher at an Oklahoma middle school for exposing his students to LGBT propaganda in his mission to destroy religion, the principal was caught on tape begging teachers to not send videos to Project Veritas.

10. Finally, the FBI stepped in and raided Project Veritas staff members’ homes looking for Ashley Biden’s diary and their sources.