MacIver News Minute: Musk Unmasks FBI Interference in Election

Dec. 6, 2022

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk made public last week internal documents that show how President Biden, his team and other political operatives worked to quash the Hunter Biden laptop story just before the election.

Hunter’s laptop contained images and documents outlining his illegal behavior and the Biden family’s illicit business dealings with questionable actors in foreign countries.

Partisan officials at the FBI apparently had regular meetings with social media giants where the government, think about this for a second, our government set up a system so the government could tell Facebook, Twitter and others what stories they should shadow-ban and make disappear, including it seems the Biden laptop bombshell.

The mainstream media then gleefully joined in suppressing the public discussion of the suspicious Biden family deals and the American public knew nothing about it when Biden won election.

Just like they planned. Thanks to Musk, now we know.